Panion Animal Health is a veterinary drug company; the company’s business idea is to develop medicines and treatment methods that create a better life for animals. The first asset in development is a gene therapy to treat drug-refractory epilepsy in dogs. In addition, Panion aims to in-license other development projects.

Panion Animal Health is currently undertaking a major market research initiative in order to evaluate multiple in-licensing opportunities. We are working with a New York-based market research firm which has a database of over 50,000 US-based veterinarians. This database will be queried via a series of tailored questions designed to assess two key markets. The results of this exercise will help Panion’s management in the assessment of potential in-licensing opportunities for the US market.

The questions are designed to provide information on unmet medical needs, specifically around two indications. Areas of inquiry include opinions on efficacy, cost, and satisfaction with current treatments. The survey will also provide two innovative options, and ask a series of questions regarding these in comparison to current therapies. Importantly, the survey will probe on the benefits of having access to an innovative, but potentially costlier option. These results will help Panion fine-tune our financial assessments of in-licensing opportunities under evaluation, and help the Board work towards making in-licensing decisions.

Panion’s shares are listed on Spotlight Stock Market in Stockholm. A share issue is currently taking place via Mangold from 7-21 December 2018. All interested parties are invited to review the Memorandum and register:

Panion’s CEO, Anja Holm, held an investor meeting at Mangold’s premises in Stockholm on 14 December. The presentation describing Panion’s activities and ongoing research can be found on our website:

Any further questions are welcomed, please email to:

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