The progress and plans for Panion’s development of the gene therapy treatment for dogs with epilepsy, and for Panion’s business idea and vision, was presented by Anja Holm, CEO of Panion, at the InvestorDagen event in Århus, Denmark on the of June.
A webcast of the presentation can be found here (in Danish):

The day was well-attended with approximately 500 visitors for the entire event, and I experienced good interest for Panion’s unique product development and for the presentation. Most people own dogs or cats and can easily understand the willingness to pay for treatments when the pets are seriously ill”, says Anja Holm. “It was very satisfying to talk with both existing shareholders and new, interested persons during the day. AktieTorget will enter the Danish market later this year, so we find it very relevant to reach out to interested investors in Denmark.”
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