Patents and licences

In December 2016, Panion signed the important license agreement with CombiGene, giving Panion access to experimental study data, patents, and developments with the exclusive right to exploit and market the epilepsy product in dogs and cats within territories of the USA, Europe and Switzerland.

In August 2017, Panion entered into an agreement with the University of Copenhagen on the transfer and use of technical data from a first safety study in dogs, which is very relevant to Panion’s development of the gene therapy product for dogs with epilepsy.
During 2018, a new safety study in dogs with Panion’s product candidate GC01-canine was conducted at the University of Copenhagen with full access to the technical data for Panion.

Our plan is to use all the robust research performed and planned by CombiGene to move faster into the clinical studies in dogs, and we are actively reaching out to potential clinical investigators.

CombiGene made the choice of final drug candidate in June 2016; we follow their work closely and congratulate them on the progress.