Other projects

On June 28th 2016 it was announced that the business strategy of Panion will extend beyond just developing and commercializing a treatment against canine epilepsy and also include acquisition and in-licensing of other, similar assets.

With similar assets is meant the commercialization rights for animal health applications of ongoing human health development projects or products. By this strategy, considerable synergies are achieved, Panion’s capacity will be used in an optimal way, and the licensors and partners will be offered a convenient way to develop these otherwise unexploited assets.

The aim of the work is to apply new understanding of chronic diseases and disorders to the development of a medicine that can improve the quality of life for animals.

Several other projects have been identified as potential candidates for Panion’s in-licensing strategy.

We strongly believe in the future of gene therapy as the next major step forward for the pharmaceutical industry, and our focus will be on lifting relevant pre-clinical results from developments in human medicines back into veterinary medicines.

Early dialogue has been held with several companies with projects that could fit within Panion’s area of expertise.