Panion Animal Health AB develops a novel gene therapy treatment for dogs with epilepsy. The first clinical study will be conducted at Long Island Veterinary Specialists in New York and the main veterinary clinical researchers will become share owners in Panion. Due to legal regulations, this will be handled in a procedure separate from the running share issue, which cannot be offered to persons in USA.

In the same manner, a solution will now be sought for the board member, Dede Willis, and the Director of Business Development, Carlos N Velez, who both previously expressed the intention to become share owners, which however was prevented by their geographical location in USA.

In the current share issue, the CEO of Panion, Anja Holm, has subscribed for shares equivalent to the rights issue of her current shares; 33.3 % of 87,719 shares.

The current share issue runs from 7-21 December 2018 and is handled by Mangold.


The motive for the share issue is to secure the upcoming clinical pilot study. There are currently different options available for future financing. By offering the current shareholders the opportunity to participate, we give the existing owners the same terms as may be offered to external investors.

We invite any interested persons to read the Memorandum and sign up for participation in the share issue.

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